Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to cope with loneliness as a senior

Loneliness in a senior generates a feeling of depression, solitude, exclusion and suffering. There are innumerable citizens of above 60 years and above who are the victims of old age loneliness. Recent studies have revealed that the number of elderly women is much more than the number of elderly men who suffer from loneliness in modern times. The age bracket of 79 years to 83 years is a turning point for old age citizens because after this age bracket there are great deteriorations in intellectual faculties and health. Care and attention of elderly people is very much the need of today. They are the neglected strata of society and as responsible citizens we should take their responsibility and remove their pangs of loneliness in the last phase of their lives.
Isolation and depression negatively affects many senior citizens in the world today. There is no reason for despair as there are ways by which senior citizens can reconnect to the world and live better lives. What they need to do is reach out and communicate in the right ways. The following are some tips and guides that can immensely help an elderly person to live his or her life again with vigor:
Making Friends: One can make the effort and meet new people. Companionship removes the pangs of loneliness and over time an emotional bond can be successfully built. There are many church and civic organizations that have senior citizen meeting centers. They organize outings, social gatherings, travel clubs and special interest groups that can eradicate the sorrows of solitude. One can meet like minded people and thus feel better and refreshed.
Volunteer: One should take of volunteer services to help those who are in similar situations. He or she can eradicate being alone by sharing and caring for others.
Taking up A Hobby: A senior person can engage himself or herself in a hobby that he or she may like doing the most. The common hobbies that are normally resorted to by seniors are gardening, arts and crafts, reading, writing, pen pals, playing a musical instrument etc. Hobbies are pastimes that generate interest and while nurturing one’s hobby he or she forgets the pangs of isolation easily.
Adopting a Pet: Most people do not feel lonely if they adopt a pet. Pets love their owners unconditionally and hence caring for them can bring a new purpose and meaning to life.
Reminiscing: It has been medically proven that elderly people who have discovered the purpose of living have a better emotional health than others. They can accept and fight loneliness better than others.
Home Bound Citizens: For those elderly citizens who cannot venture out of their homes they can resort to home visitation services. These services offer community service to elderly people and take care of their physical and emotional needs and well being.
Loneliness can cause acute depression which in turn can lead to serious ailments. In such cases one should be cautious and seek the aid of health care providers. With the help of the above tips one can combat loneliness and return to normal life with ease.